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A useful guide to surveys.

Web surveys: concepts and tools

authors :  Charicris Pandanon,Michel Plaisent, Filomena Dayagbil, Yupaporn Piriyasilva, Prosper Bernard

Éditions Fidal.  ISBN: 978-2-922636-33-8


Mission to China.

Do you know how to do business in China?

To succeed, one needs to learn more about China.

Come with us for a mission to China.

In November 2017 and in April 2018, I will bring to China a group of business people and Executive MBA participants for a one-week BUSINESS visit to China.

The purpose is to learn how to do business in China by:


Industrial visits.

Meetings with Business people.


I have been doing these missions for the last 20 years.

For more information contact me.


Prosper M. Bernard, MBA, PhD, CMC.

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CHINA  +86  150 106 604 10 (When in China)“

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