From executives who did the POST MBA “Business in China”:

“This program is very well organized and  very helpful to better understand how to do business in China. This program was for me a starting point to better understand business in China and do business in China and it certainly made us save a lot of time and was a key factor to orient our business developing plan in China.
Hopefully this will help other person to access to your great program.”

Stephane Coude, MBA, EMBA, Post-MBA, EDBA candidate

“Dr. Bernard had vision in creating Post-MBA programs with top Chinese universities! Designed by Dr. Bernard in collaboration with top academics in China, I have completed my Post-MBA program in 2009 at the Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School (HITSGS) located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. This program has allowed me to obtain a great understanding of how you do business in and with China, gave me better knowledge of the dynamic of the Chinese economy and its politics and the confidence to conduct business there as it gave me the necessary tools to navigate the system. It also allowed me to take a step back and gain a more holistic understanding on how we do business here and put things into perspectives. As a great part of the program focuses at meeting people and hence developing your professional and personal networks in China, it allowed me to live what ‘Guanxi’ really means. I would highly recommend the Post-MBA in China offered through Dr. Bernard to anyone who wants to demystify what Doing Business in China entails as the program really allows you to realize and witness what’s out there from your own eyes. Thanks to Dr. Bernard for his vision in creating such amazing programs: what graduate school should all be about!”

Jean-Philippe Lepage, BBA, MBA, P.MBA

“I’ve completed the Post MBA program in China with Dr. Bernard. This program was very interesting and enabled me to achieve a better and more pragmatic understanding of business in China. The aspect I liked the most of this program was the on-the-field interactions with local factories and businesses (small and big). There was a good balance of theory and practice. I recommend this program for anybody that wishes to understand business practices in China and learn how to do business in this raising economy.”

Tao Wong

“That vast country brimming with effervescence, where the social, political and economic models are so different than those in North America, China beckons.
For all those interested in the conquest of this giant, the Post MBA program, given entirely in China, will provide the essential knowledge base allowing them to accelerate the integration process.”

Florent Cote
Post MBA Graduate 2009
Post-MBA Graduate School of Harbin Institute of Technology in Shenzhen, China

“Knowledge of the Chinese market is fundamental for business managers to respond to the growing challenges of globalization. Professor Bernard’s Business Post-MBA Program in China provides opportunities to experience the Chinese economic, social and political distinctiveness. In-depth exposure is gained through well-informed professors and is complemented by networks of international and native entrepreneurs, managers and agencies. This program contributes to the development of strong assumptions, models and practices that assist businesses to gain and maintain competitive advantage in the 21st century.”

Natascha Doiron BAdmin, MBA, EMBA, Post-MBA
Post-MBA Asian Business Management
EMBA European Business Management
MBA North American Business Management

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